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My first car is200 vs impreza gd 2.0 n/a


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Hi guyz , im 20 yo and i decided to buy my first car ,( not first car i drove tho i was driving shitwagen sharan for 2 years but car belongs to my parents) im stuck between 2 cars. Lexus is a bit cheaper options in my country also a bit older car (produced to 2004) but i heard its really reliable , on the otherhand impreza (the hawkeye im interested in) is awd wich is awesome considering i live in smalltown and have many non asphalt streets also in hard winter roads are really slipy. From what i said i should choose the impreza but i heard they are non reliable and the car i buy is going to be more of weekendfun i want to learn a mechanic a little bit , modiffy it , learn how to drive a little more hmmm sporty i think , i mean i do not  aim to purchase is300 or wrx  but still learn how to drive a bit faster. Any opinons , maybe advice from previous owners? 

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