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Can I add car smart card key on my own? The answer is...

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The answer is YES!!! 

There are some situations that involves keys: add new keys but the originals are all there, one of the original key is lost, all keys lost. 

To portrait it simply, car key contains chip and remote and the shell. So if you have a tool to program chip and knowing the remote frequency, and assemble them, let car ECU matching with the new key. Its not very difficult to make” a key yourself. 

But to analyze it in details, each brand has different immobilizer system. IMMO prevents the engine from starting without using vehicles authorized key. Nowadays IMMO systems are very advanced, such as Benz, you cant even buy more keys where you buy the car, only made in German manufacturer. So what you see in movies that theft starts a car's engine is by hot wiring is not possible on cars made in decades, because ignition systems are disabled by the ECU.  

Locksmiths know how to make a car key, not only need what I mention above, but also know the the exact car’s IMMO system. This can be some secret in the industry, info you need to paid for. Knowing what kinds of the IMMO, locksmith can get into the related ECU then write info in chip and update the ECU with latest key info(matching). 

Maybe you will find that its actually not easy to program a key on your own, but look on the bright side, cars are difficult to be stolen these days. Locksmiths also don’t have these much info in their minds, they just use professional tools. So if I have that tool, maybe it could be my money maker too.

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On 10/9/2020 at 11:41 AM, boltedrooster88 said:

this program can teach you everything that a locksmith knows! learn how to cut your own keys and repair em take a look https://bit.ly/3iRBD4d

The program will be delivered by online sessions or one has to visit physically to learn about it. Also, there's a locksmith firm near my office and can i visit their store to get information related to it.

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