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WHY BMW service indicator still ON after service maintenance??

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In some cases, even when you have done the maintenance service, the service light still ON, and display the number of miles or amount of time until the next required service interval, so you would need to turn OFF it manually. While the process will vary slightly depending on the model, trim, and model year of your BMW, and my example here is BMW 5, F10.


Preparation work:

Step on and release the clutch if its manual transmission.

Keep the car still

Parking brake ON

Shift to N for manual transmission

Shift to P for Auto


For turn on the service indicator yourself, you need a tool to do it. I use my Topdon Artipad. 

Choose Oil Reset---> 5 Series--->5`_F10/F11/F18, you would need to choose the correct chassis. 

Then in the software reset menu, there are options like engine oil, front brake, vehicle test, brake fluid, vehicle test date change and so on. I would use engine oil and vehicle test date change as example. 

Tap on engine oil--->yes, done !!!

Tap on vehicle test date change, there will be a recommended date on screen, just input that date, and this is done.


Is this just so fast and simple? You dont need to drive to dealers to let them do this work and give them easy money.

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