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Help buying a first car

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Hello all,


I wondered if I could get some help on the cars below?


My girlfriend and I are buying our first car and not really sure what we are looking for.


Which car below is preferable? We aren’t too worried about aesthetics.


Also, are Cat S cars better avoided?















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I strongly recommend you to buy Toyota Avanza. In terms of price, you can say that it is not too expensive. Most importantly, you own a family car with an automatic transmission.

Automatic transmission has become one of the main focuses in recent years.

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I would recommend Toyota Innova. Innova's fuel consumption is quite good, 8 seat MPV, fast speed, moderate price, and relatively comfortable and spacious. Or Axia is very suitable for you, because it's small, easy to use, easy to park, low price, good fuel consumption, low maintenance costs and easy to find parts.

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Most of the cars are good, I don't know what is exactly your budget is. If it is good you can go with mercedes-benz. It is my personal favorite, but till now I have not got a chance to drive it, I have Nissan which I had bought from a car auction online at bidexport.com but if you are in high budget you should definitely go for mercedes-benz

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