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Brand New Mechanical Fuel Pump Stop Pumping

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Hi all. I have a 1984 Carina AT150 with 3ALU engine. It was running with a replaced electric fuel pump since the day I bought it. It s original mechanical pump was broken. Since I wanted it to run in the original way, I bought a new mechanical fuel pump, which is not OEM probably. I installed it correct and re adjusted the float bowl valve so that fuel level inside the bowl will remain within limits. 

At the beginning it did not work. Not a drop of fuel out. Later I used my old electric pump to prime the mechanical pump and then removed the electric pump. Then it was working fine. Fuel outlet gave a good stream of fuel. I ran the vehicle for few kilo meters and then it stop. I happened to find that the pump is not pumping fuel any more. Once again I primed the pump and same thing happened. I primed the pump for like 5 times and I end up in same problem. 

Is this pump out of order? But it is new.

I used a transparent tube between pump and filter. I happen to notice that air bubbles are drawn towards the pump. Could this be the problem? Should I make sure that no air is drawn in to fuel lines?

But even if I make sure that no air is drawn, what happens when fuel vaporized once kept sit for a while? Won't there be air trapped inside fuel lines? Shouldn't the pump be able to deal with it?


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