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Keith Tenpas

Can I Take CBD Oil Before Driving?

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Hi Everyone!

I need to drive every day but nowadays, I am having a severe kind of chronic pain which sometimes occurs in the form of myofascial and muscular pains. I have been used ibuprofen and aspirin as medication but they only give temporary relief. That's why I decided to use CBD oil. Though my sources are allowing me to use CBD oils without THC before driving. But I am still confused about either I should use them before driving or not.

Actually, I drive to my office in the morning and in the morning start having muscular pain when I enter my office. Then, my friend suggested me to use these CBD oils https://www.weednews.co/best-cbd-oil/ but I am hesitating and thinking it could make me high. My doctor suggested me to take a low potency dosage. In this regard, I am willing to try this https://www.vitalityhealthcbd.com/product/full-spectrum-cbd-oil/ full-spectrum CBD oil because it is coming with a THC-free claim. And I think it wouldn't make me high but I am here to know your experiences. Did you ever use CBD oil or dosage before driving? Is it safe? 

By the way, it is not psychiatric. 

Please share your views. I am waiting. 



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