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No answers from anyone - please help :-(

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I have a 2008 Hyundai Accent. About 4 months ago, it started to present a bunch of issues over the course of a week. I'll list them, to keep it short.

  • Usually doesn't start in park
  • Usually starts in neutral (if not, letting the car move a little in neutral usually fixed it)
  • Usually doesn't go in reverse (some days it would work fine, other days, it wouldn't go in reverse at all)
  • No PRNDL lights on dash (the area is blank where it usually is)
  • Not shifting gears properly, downshifting suddenly when driving, starting in 2nd gear
  • "Lurching" when put into drive or reverse (when working)
  • Check engine light reading the "neutral safety switch"

Some unrelated issues that I don't think are relevant, but I'll list them anyways. This car is a piece of garbage, afterall.

  • TPSM light on
  • Airbag light on

The following repairs were attempted (in this order) to solve the problem. It was mostly fixed the problem, temporarily (for about 3 months, and now it's worse than ever)

  • Neutral safety switch replaced
  • Transmission output sensor replaced
  • Transmission input sensor replaced
  • Transmission oil pan replaced (it was cracked)
  • Transmission oil drained + replaced

As of today, I took the car to a transmission specialist. I believed it was a wiring issue, considering I'd replaced nearly every "part" that it could have been, besides the transmission. He too told me he believed it was a wiring issue. After looking at it for a whole 4 days, he calls me and just tells me "the transmission has an internal error", and that it needs to be replaced. The PRNDL switch is a symptom of transmission failure. I pressed about it a little bit, asking why he thought it was a transmission failure, and he gave me a loop around and didn't say anything else. I am not a car guy, so please tell me if I'm wrong, but this doesn't make any sense to me. Why would a PRNDL switch error reading on my check engine light be a symptom of a failed transmission? And why did I go 4 months with it driving nearly fine?

Any, ANY help would be appreciated. I'm not really sure where to turn.

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