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Mazda 2 vs Mazda 3: A buyer's guide for Mazda's compact & subcompact cars

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Though catering to different market segments, Mazda 2 and Mazda 3 still are put under consideration for any Mazda enthusiasts. So to make it comprehensive, see more info about Mazda 2 vs Mazda 3 comparison below!

When it comes to dimensions, it is obvious that the subcompact car Mazda 2 is smaller. Meanwhile, the compact model Mazda 3 sports bigger dimensions, more elbow room as well as a larger cargo capacity. Yet the Mazda 2 is a higher ride height. About styling, both are good-looking. The Mazda 2 is a hatchback and the Mazda 3 is a sportback; thus, the model Mazda 3's sloping roofline gives it a gorgeous profile.

When regards interior, the larger Mazda 3 offers more on-board entertainment. To be specific, Mazda 3 comes equipped with a larger touchscreen and more speakers than the Mazda 2, together with various connectivity options. Also, the Mazda 3 has a sunroof, front parking sensors and cruise control, useful for driving on long stretches of highway. Meanwhile, the Mazda 2 Premium is also well-appointed with features such as keyless entry, push button start and leather seats.

As to performance, both Mazda 2 and Mazda 3 are packed with G-Vectoring Control which grants them super handling on twisty roads. It also actively adjusts torque and shifts the car's weight for improved cornering stability and response.

To sum up, the Mazda 3 has more in terms of safety equipment while the Mazda 2 2019 is one of the better-equipped models in the subcompact category.

For detailed comparison in safety and price too, one swift click to Mazda 2 vs Mazda 3 comparison !

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On 4/3/2020 at 9:06 AM, Jolie said:

Btw, I like the Mazda 2 more for its sporty appearance.

Thank you for sharing your opinion!

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