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Your opinion on electric cars

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Electric cars were prevalent in the early 20th century. Electric cars are powered by electric energy. These vehicles are powered by an electric motor instead of an internal combustion engine.
Components of electric cars:
•    Motor
•    Controller
•    Charger
•    DC/DC Converter
•    Batteries
•    Contactors
Advantages of electric cars
•    Noise-free
•    No fire hazards
•    Reduce dependence on oil and gasoline.
•    Low maintenance cost

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Electronic cars are the future of these advance modern hi-tech cars and play a vital role in controlling air pollution caused by harmful gases released by these today cars. With this, I wish automotive paint brands should come up with eco-friendly paints and also Painted Auto Part in a good manner.

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Is ele

Many automakers are exploring and testing prototypes of electric cars, the new fascination in the car market.

Tesla is already capitalizing on its first mover advantage with many of its electric models running on the road, With the roaring success of Tesla S, an all electric sedan

Many companies are now ramping up on their electric car production, taking an aim at Tesla, to stay in sync with the trends and producing environment friendly cars. Electric cars reduce emissions and fuel costs.

However, with all being said and done about this latest fad in the industry which is here to stay for a while, has anyone pondered upon the level of safety in accidents while making this transition from engine-fuelled cars to electric cars?

Most companies have developed highly efficient systems in terms of airbags and seatbelts which is their prime selling point for safety during accidents.

 However, are there any developments in the internal systems which make electric cars safer?
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Electric cars are a great way for environmental solutions. But I don't think I am ready for that kind of vehicle. 

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