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2005 HEMI Jeep Grand Cherokee Overheating Issue SOLVED


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I have been having overheating issues with my 2005 HEMI Jeep Grand Cherokee (113K Miles) for as long as I can remember.  The dealer told me time and time again that these SUV's just run hot.  I replaced the Radiator and Thermostat and noticed very little improvement.  I tried every Antifreeze/Coolant out there with little success!  A friend of mine recommended a Coolant Additive from a Company called Nano Pro MT called NANO COOL.  It cost $17.99 via their eBay Store ( https://www.ebay.com/itm/100-Authentic-Nano-Pro-MT-NANO-Cool-Antifreeze-Coolant-Additive-Brand-New-2020/164024870872?hash=item2630a4e7d8:g:NmgAAOSw3~ZeHKBV) and came in a 16oz Bottle!  I flushed the Radiator put new Coolant in along with The Nano Cool Additive. 

The following day I put about 25 miles on the Jeep in heavy Rush Hour Traffic and was amazed with the result.  My temperature gauge averaged 9-10 degrees cooler and the Temp gauge never got close to the "Danger Zone" .  I am going on 2 weeks and 300+ miles on the same bottle on Nano Cool mixed with my regular Coolant and the engine temp is the same as the day I added the Nano Cool!  I was very skeptical in the beginning however, now I swear by this stuff and purchased a Full Case and a few of their other products from their eBay Store (  https://www.ebay.com/usr/nanopromt).  They also have excellent customer service and answered all of my questions promptly.

I thought I would share this Hidden Gem in case anyone else out there is having overheating issues with their vehicle!  I have attached pictures I pulled from their website!  The company looks to be pretty serious on the Racing Scene and connected to Roush Performance!  

Happy New Year, 

Cheers, Chris 

NANO Cool Cover.jpg

NANO Cool Specs.jpg

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