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Difference Between Good and Bad Window Tinting

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Bubbles vs No Bubbles
Have you ever placed a thin film over a smartphone and noticed a few bubbles? It’s not a huge deal when that happens; you can just remove the film and put it back on more smoothly.

But with window tinting films, there’s no excuse for a professional to install something with visible bubbles. It’s a sloppy look, and there’s no reason you should have to pay for it.

Peeling Films vs Stable Films
Window films shouldn’t look like films—they should create the appearance of a window made from naturally tinted glass. If the films are easy to peel off at the corners, that’s a sign of a low quality installation.

Clear Films vs Debris
No matter what anyone says, there should be no visible fibers, dust, or debris caught between a window and a film. If any of those things are visible, the window wasn’t cleaned properly beforehand.

Purple vs Solid Black
Unless you intentionally purchased purple window tinting films, any color other than a dark, opaque black is a sign of poor quality films. Here at Tint Shop 1986, we only sell USA-made films that meet our strict standard of quality.

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