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1997 ford escort sw transmission fluid help


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I am reposting because 182 people looked at my original post but noone actually replied and I still need help with my transmission fluid.

I bought a 1997 ford escort lx(wagon). It has a manual transmission. I am not well versed in cars so I had a friend who is come with me and look at the car. I have to change the transmission fluid as the people I bought it from told me they never did when they had it because they couldn't figure it out. I looked at a ford manual that said I should have a dipstick to be able to check. I either can't find it or it doesn't have one and my friend looked at it and told me he doesn't see the dipstick and doesn't know how to change the fluid because of it. I am now waiting for the transmission to just go bad so I can replace it with one that does have a dipstick to avoid future hassle. Do some 1997 escort wagons just not have dipsticks?? Do I just not have to worry about it since it won't even let me check the thing?? Any advice would be appriciated.

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