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Need HELP! Did i mess up the AWD?

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I have a 2005 Ford Freestyle AWD. All was well with the car until i had a tire emergency and a much bigger tire was put on the front passenger side. Obviously it drove weird with the bigger tire on there. But now I replaced all the tires with the larger tire to match. Now the car is all over the place and the back wants to kick out to the right(or the front wants to go to the left cant tell which)  which is extremely dangerous.

1. Is this happening becasue of the bigger then factory tires?

2 Or, because i messed something up driving around with a bigger tire? Possibly the transfer case?

3. Or something else?

Anyone that knows about AWD please let me know what should be done.



US Vet

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I think you should go to the company and they will check it for you and also suggest the next step. It's the best solution. It's dangerous when driving like that

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ما به عنوان برترین نمایندگی مجاز و تعمیرگاه مرکزی تویوتا ، هیوندا ، کیا در غرب تهران ، آماده ارائه برترین خدمات به شما می باشیم

جهت دریافت اطلاعات بیشتر می توانید با ما در مرکز تعمیرات تخصصی شماره ۱ تماس بگیرید . .

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