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Dear Viewer,

I am very distraught to announce that this site is officially a storage platform for un-sorted scam bull-shit.

Measures have sadly not been taken to kick spam users or delete the piles of shit the sulphate the very grounds that were once walked by auto enthusiast.

I do not mourn, I rage. If you feel enlightened to say a few words of petition below you are more than welcome.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post.

As always,
Nate Passion



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Wish the admin was around to make you a moderator. Most of us can't be here very often and the spammers just overwhelm. I'm only here about once a month, to be honest. This place used to have massive amounts of communication in heavily populated threads. But that all ended about 5 years ago, if not longer, with the advent of FB Groups and the like draining forums of conversations.

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Hi Chris,

Thanks for taking the time to post that. It means a lot. Didn't actually think someone would reply to be honest.

I've talked with Steve regarding a mod position as I would have the time to moderate everyday. He replied, but never continued the convo.

When these forums first started getting flooded by spam posts I reported the users/content diligently but it never helped really. 

This was more of a vent post after almost two weeks of straight spam emails flooding my inbox from this site, I just had enough.

So I wrote this post as an indirect goodbye letter to CarForums, I really wasn't planning on coming back.

Browsing these forums everyday answering hundreds of questions every month, I learned a lot and I will forever be grateful to this forum for that.

For me it's just disheartening to see a forum; a once excellent source for knowledge and support...abandoned and rejected because of mere fate.

Hope you had a great day Chris, and once again, thanks again for replying.

Best wishes,
Nate Passion

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