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Found an interesting car

Chris V.

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This was sitting behind an unmarked warehouse in an obscure corner of Baltimore. I was driving around looking at areas I hadn't been yet, and in the process of turning around on a back alley, I found this:




Of all the places that one of these could be found, I'd have least likely expected it in the Hampden area of Baltimore.




I'll have to try go back when the place has people, and find out more, like why it was being crash tested here.



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yeah, it was missing some specific bits, and had no emblems. The wheels are some sort of stock Nissan wheels (I don't know what each of that year Skyline had), and the air dam was stock.


But it was definitely being crash tested (only side impact, though). I just have to find out why it was in Hampden, next to an unmarked small warehouse, in a poor white-trash part of Baltimore. It just doesn't look like the kind of place that cars like this are normally found... :)

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Yeah. The stripes were marked off and numbered along their length. They look like that so that photos and video of the crash can be studied.


I want to know who's trying to certify the car here... :)

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this looks like a r33. but the front part doesn't look like.. :(

Also.. I think it was involved in a side impact collusion.. look at the damage done..

If Im not wrong.. could be some manufacturers taking this car all the way here to be involved in some crash testing.. this car belongs in the Asian market.. :D


Surprising that stock wheels are found on it though..

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