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reliable vehicles for long drives

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I travel alot for work often putting more than 3k miles one way on my vehicles. i also have a lead foot so I tend to drive very liberally, meaning speeds of 80mph and faster for long periods of time up and down mountains and so on causing alot of stress on the vehicle. does anybody have any recommendations on a vehicle that is reliable and take a good beating for around $15k? I've gone through 3 vehicles this calendar year so far. I know I could quit driving like a dip shit but I wont. any advice or recommendations would be appreciated thanks in advance

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There are many cars which are reliable for driving or a long drive, most people use luxury cars for comfortable. Reliable cars are the Honda Accord, Honda CR-V, Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic, Toyota Camry, Toyota RAV4, Kia Forte, Hyundai Genesis, Ford Fusion, Acura RL, etc. these cars use now for a long drive.

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Hey stakd_silverback as per your requirements I think dodge grand caravan will be the right choice for you, Here is the complete video to look at the specs of dodge grand caravan. I also suggest that you should give seating comfort, luggage space, high ground clearance, and good fuel economy priority when you make the final decision. As per your requirements price can be a matter of concern I hope you find this information worth.


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There are a few factors to look at to know if the vehicle is reliable for long travel. Some of the are:
Latest engine
Updated mechanism 
Modern technology
Efficient air filter
Smooth functioning headlights
Sturdy tires for all kinds of terrains
Long battery life
Most of Toyota's cars tick all of the factors mentioned above. The new Toyota Corolla is one of the most popular vehicles of the brand, especially when it comes to long journeys.

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