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I'm about a month new I have a truck with more rust underneath it that I know what to do with.I replaced my rear differential by myself amazing since it still makes that knocking sound. thanks YouTube. My Ford F-150 has so many miles on it I'm surprised it still runs🙄 a lot keeps happening to it so I'm going to be on here asking people a lot of questions because like I stated if it's on YouTube I think I can do it.  let me tell you something the bunch of BS and because my husband is mechanic he won't work on it. 🤬  he thinks I should trade it in? which entitles me to have to get what he considers a "real job" 🤨 and I don't want to👎 I'm hard-working, I just dont want to work for anybody else!  I work for myself. I'm 35 and eager to get my hands dirty. I waited three years to get a bearing in my wheel fixed because "he just doesn't want to do it."  And now I've come to the plethora of men and women in this car forum to get some much-needed help and advice. So  think what you want 🤔just help when it's needed.  Please .... it is my pleasure to meet each and every one of you that I come acrossed and get advice from and know that it's always appreciated. 👋

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