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HELP 1998 Buick Century Running Poorly

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So ive been having this problem with my 98' Buick century for the past 2-3 weeks now, it seems a little difficult to describe, but im going to try my best to describe it.

So what it seems like is happening is after about 2-3 mins of driving, when the engine starts to warm up, the performance seems to deteriorate. Whenever I try to accelerate, it feels like its not putting out any power even though the revs are increasing. It sounds like it revs out 1st gear, but im only going like 10-15 mph, where i should be going almost double that, and then when it shifts into 2nd, its a little abrupt, and jolts the car a little, then the revs drop really low, almost sounds lower than idle, then i'm barley gaining any speed, it takes about 15-25 seconds for me to get from about 25mph up to 40 mph, then about then it shifts into 3rd, which is more rough than 2nd, then after that, it seems mostly fine, unless if i try to accelerate above 50 mph, then a lot of the time it dosent downshift like it used to, and i cant do much for overtaking, or anything of that sort. When accelerating at anytime, i cant feel to much of like any small jolts or anyhting like that, where it would seem like something is slipping, if anything is slipping, i dont feel it.

What i explained is for most of the time while driving it. There are a few occasions where the car will be up to normal operating temp, and it will drive normally for about 10secs, then it goes back to what it has been doing.

I hope i explained my problem enough where someone has had the same problem, or anyone knows what is going on. Hopefully whatever the problem is, it can be cheap, because this car has been faithful to me, and would love to keep driving this car for another year or two.




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