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I just got my first car last Wednesday, a Mercedes Benz 2017 C300 4MATIC (AMG package), with 14,000 miles. Yes I know that is quite absurd to get as a first car but please don't roast me saying I'm spoiled or something. My Dad is very aware of long term durability and overall quality and only accepted to buy a Mercedes if it was from my cousin who sold it to us straight after getting it from the auction (pretty good deal).

Anyways, after getting my car, I continued doing research on interior detailing and was trying to figure out what were the best cleaners, microfibers and brushes that I could buy for interior cleaning and detailing. I've been doing a bunch of research but can't figure out if certain things are exactly safe or preferred for the materials in my car. I just really don't know what are the best tools, can anyone help me?

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If you want to clean the interior on your own, you need some necessary tools like-

  • A vacuum cleaner
  • A stiff brush
  • A bucket
  • Clean water and detergent
  • A steam cleaning machine or a carpet cleaning foam
  • Cleaner and conditioner for seats
  • A glass cleaner
  • A microfiber towel
  • An odor eliminator gel

You will get some of these best products visiting carguideinfo.

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Hey, maybe this article helps you: https://mycarsfirst.com/gb/blog/uses-tips/nanotechnology-the-solution-for-car-interior-cleaning

It's a detailing car cleaning product e-commerce that works with nanotechnology products. I found it recently and ordered a few products to try out. If you want to check it out: https://mycarsfirst.com/gb/interior

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I know when you buy a new car sometimes it gets really hard to buy the right product to maintain your car specially if you're a new car owner that's why I would recommend that you check out AdenWalla & Sons, AdenWalla Is your one stop shop to buy the best car care products at an really affordable price you can check out some of their products by clicking the link below


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