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Spencer Bell

Should I keep my current car or sell it and buy my neighbors! Lincoln vs Infiniti help!

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Hello all!

      I am currently in a debate on whether I should buy an Infiniti Q45, or just keep my current car. I currently own a 2002 Lincoln Continental with 145,000 miles on it. It runs great, but it does have its problems. Some features don't work, and some minor electrical problems occur from time to time. I also have what I believe is a restriction in the line going to the gas tank from the reservoir. Other than the problems it has, it has truly been a wonderful car. I bought it from a neighbor across the street for $900.00, and it didn't even run. I replaced the radiator, thermostat, fuel pump, tires, and various other minor things. Coming in at a total of over $1000.00 in repair bills, I have a wonderful car, and I can't complain. Truly a beautiful car, and I keep it spotless. Money well spent!

Anyway.... I have a neighbor who lives adjacent to me, and he owns a 1996 Infiniti Q45. It has been sitting about 4-5 years, and is covered (and I mean completely covered) in dirt. It ran when it was parked, but he just left it and never drove it again because he had a couple of Mercedes he drove. The paint (of what I could see) seems to be in good shape as well as the body. He listed the problems he was aware of: Tires look low and are most likely dry rotted. The passenger window on the drivers side doesn't roll up all the way, and it is ever so slightly cracked at the seal. The back windshield is cracked and needs replacing. The motorized antenna might work, but he couldn't remember if he had to pull it up manually or not. He keeps his cars serviced, and takes care of them. This has been parked under his carport for a few years, so it will definitely need some work. He didn't know how much he wanted for it, but he said it wouldn't be much. He said he would feel bad to sell a piece of junk to me and have problems, so he wants me to get a mechanic to come take a look. (I have a mechanic who is a friend of mine). He is deciding whether to sell the car or not, but he said he would sell it to me in the not to distant future ,so I have some time to think about it.  I want your thoughts and ideas on this. Should I sell my Lincoln and buy this? What should I do? I look forward to the comments, and thanks in advance!

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