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Who are you supposed to trust?

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My wife and I are both senior citizens and need to buy a good

reliable "local" car. Now, I found a few decent looking/condition

cars in our area, sold by individuals. My wife said she has more

confidence doing business with a dealer. Now, the problem with

that is this. The last time we bought a used car from a dealer, 

we ended up paying 2000 dollars for a new transmission 12

months later. The price, a year previously, was 5000 dollars.

So, we spent 7000 dollars, essentially, for that car. My

question is this. How can you know who to trust, when buying

a used car?

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Hi there,

When buying a used car, there is always a slight risk. If there is no warranty on the car, best thing you can do is give it a good inspection and a good test drive. It might be a good idea to have a mechanic come look at the car also. Make sure to inspect the body panels and undercarriage also.....you want to be wary of rust....

If you end up buying one from a dealer, try and get one with a warranty if you can. That way you can be sure if you have any problems they'll be covered.

Good luck in your search.


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