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Does your city/state gas stations have the Gas Pump Hold Clip?

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I am from NYC and I fill my tank about 2wice a week and its super annoying that all NYC gas stations dont have the auto pump feature like some out of state gas station like NJ have. 

I am very curios to see which cities or states in the USA/Around the world actually are missing the the automatic feature on their pumps. 

I know that all the gas stations in NYC don't have this clips and its super annoying that we have to hold the pump until our tanks are filled. 

I did a little research turns out its illegal in NYC ->  https://www.whec.com/news/good-question-why-are-gas-pump-hold-clips-illegal/4886370/ 

It would help out if you all can comment below if your state/city has the same problem...or if all your gas stations are full service or self serve. 




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