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Used car under 60k, from 2015+ and under 50k miles

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Hi there. I am looking to buy a used car for 60k, that is from 2015+ and has decent miles, preferably under 50k. I came down to 4 models: BMW M6,Jaguar F-Type R, Nissan GTR, Porsche 911 Carrera, So far I am still searching the market for deals on these models and trying to decide which one would be best for me. Here is my experience and thoughts with each model:

Both the 2 door coupe and the 4 door grand coupe would work for me. A relatively heavy feeling car, but with lots of power to back it from the 4.4V bi-turbo 560 HP that pushes the rear back relatively easy for drifting, but on back roads the weight can be felt and I think it impacts the way the car is handled. The interior is quite nice, the exhaust notes are decent (better with straight pipes) and the overall look of the car is decent, but not significantly different than normal lower series BMW.

Jaguar F-Type R:
By far the most good looking car from this list with excellent exhaust notes. If I needed the car to show off, this have been perfect, but I want a car to still be enjoyable on back roads and fun on track days, which this can be in lower speeds, but as you go faster the car is tail happy and oversteers alot, so you need to be extra careful then trying to enjoy the car. The interior is beautiful, a really nice place to be.

Nissan GTR:
I am talking about the premium model. If I needed a car to drag race or purely for performance, I would choose this car no questions asked. 0-60 just under 3 seconds, 11 seconds to 1/4 mile and all wheel drive makes this car the best performance on paper. In reality is still really enjoyable in any condition, public streets, back roads, track, the only issue might be the non-ceramic brakes that soften quick rapidly, otherwise from the driving stand point it is really enjoyable. On the downside, I don’t think the car is particularly beautiful looking, the interior feels really cheap and the exhaust note is way softer than other cars of this list (because of the bi-turbo v6).

Porsche 911 Carerra:
There is a saying “You can not go wrong with a Porsche”. The handling, the driving feeling, and the overall experience with the 911 (991 models) is one of the best, the rear engine and rear drive feel so good on backroads and track. The interior is decent (also has 4 seats which might be considered a plus), and the overall look of the car, although not greatly changed for 50 years, I think it quite beautiful from all angles. There are some downsides too in this car, the engine fells a bit underpowered on a straight line, or when you need more power and undesteers a lot. Also the exhaust not it is not really loud enough for my taste (some straight pipes will help).

As you can see this is why I could not decide which car should I buy. Each car is exceeding in some way over the others, M6 is really powerfull, F-Type is really beautifull and sounds awsome, GTR is a racing machine, and Porche has an overall good performance. I am still trying to decide which car would better fit me, so any help and suggestions would help me tremendously. Thank you for your time!

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