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Is Mercedes GLC the car you want?

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GLC is a popular SUV line of Mercedes-Benz. In the luxury car market, this GLC segment has almost no rivals.

Why should you choose a GLC?


Being able to conquer every path, whether it is city road, dirt road or flooded road.

GLC is confident to face challenges outside the road with the Offroad technology package. 4MATIC fixed two-wheel drive mechanism ensures the most subtle traction to help you enjoy every height meter. Explore the GLC's amazing Offroad capabilities.

Best capacity even when traveling on the street. The driving mechanism of two 4MATIC bridges turns GLC into a perfect companion on terrain.

Comfortable space

The interior of the GLC guarantees you a lot of freedom in every aspect: spacious interior space in front, plenty of space for passengers in the rear, wide view of the sky - and any invitation to go when. For long trips, big adventures or small trips.

In GLC's luxurious and spacious interior, you will make every trip at a whole new level. This is achieved not only because of the characteristic SUV seat position, but also through sophisticated comfort functions, through which you can relax on any terrain. The GLC's cargo compartment is one of the most spacious compartments in the segment and not only carries large luggage but also carries bulky devices thanks to the backrest for the rear seats to be folded down.

Whether you are in rush hour or long night trips or strange roads, your GLC will reduce stress even in difficult situations. A hidden design then makes every journey with Mercedes-Benz safe and unique: it's Mercedes-Benz's Smart Drive. Because your time behind the wheel is your own time. It's time for recess. Time to recharge. It is important that you arrive at your destination safely and relaxed.

Advanced technology

Enjoy the difference in height - with the new AIR BODY CONTROL. The optional air suspension mechanism with continuously variable damping system takes care of occupants according to all industry rules.

For a dynamic driving experience, the lack of rotation will be significantly reduced, uneven road surfaces will also be significantly dampened. Automatic height adjustment feature helps improve stability and reduce consumption. On rocky roads or heavy loads, the height of the vehicle can be adjusted manually ....

9G-TRONIC is an important milestone in the field of gearbox technology. With nine progressive numbers, this automatic gearbox can bring efficiency, comfort and dynamics to a new level.

You will be excited with faster digital transfer speeds and smooth gear changes. Therefore, it is possible to control the car more flexibly and reduce fuel consumption. It is possible to come back many times to run at full speed in the middle with great force. Also, you can surf away especially smoothly.

Open five comfortable programs, exercise and drive individuals through the DYNAMIC control ring on the middle box. Adjust your driving behavior by clicking on your fingertips.

Parameters such as engine characteristics, gearbox and steering mechanism are also adjusted according to the selected driving program. Comfortable standard installation on highways is the best standard and fuel consumption mode. "ECO" setting to focus all parameters to the lowest possible fuel consumption. Standard.

Impressive LED smart light system with unique design, low energy consumption and long life. But most importantly, the system provides better visibility and higher security.

When turning and cornering, close lights automatically adapt to lighting conditions and driving conditions. On the countryside, the left edge of the road is significantly better, especially when the fog lamp is turned on. On the highway, visibility increased by 60%.

Parking and driving vehicles with realistic panoramic mode allow the parking bag to have a 360 ° camera operating through four network cameras.

The vehicle and the area around the vehicle can be displayed as bird eye view in the multimedia system screen, and the driver can see the obstacles underneath the window edge.

Intervention if necessary. Stay where you can. This independence is an integral part of the driver package. The system combines security system with support system.

This can help drivers work lighter, reduce the risk of accidents and improve their ability to protect people in the car and other traffic participants.

The DISTRONIC active remote holding system has active steering assistance to ensure significant stress reduction in long trips and traffic congestion.

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