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Abby Yuan

Xiaopeng finally handed in his papers: hardening the stockade, fighting a dumb war, building smart cars

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Xiaopeng finally handed in his papers: hardening the stockade, fighting a dumb war, building smart cars

Xiaopeng G3 officially delivered from the data point of view, has the same level of pure electric SUV quite outstanding performance: wind resistance coefficient 0.30, 0-50 km acceleration time is only 3.7 seconds, comprehensive range 365 kilometers, 60 kilometers per hour uniform range more than 500 kilometers. The passive safety performance of the whole vehicle achieved good results in the C-NCAP2018 bottom-up test, which is the highest scoring test model of the same level electric vehicles. In terms of active safety, the G3 carries 16 vehicle safety configurations, including Bosch's latest version of ESP9.3 body stabilization system. At the same time, the G3 power battery has passed the rigorous test twice the national standard of China Automotive Engineering Research Institute to ensure the safety of users.

Xiaopeng G3 is manufactured in a new factory cooperated by Xiaopeng Automobile and Haima Automobile. The production automation rate of this new factory specially built for Xiaopeng has reached 85%. 273 intelligent robots work on the assembly line, and 200 engineers from China, Japan and Korea have carried out 314 tests to ensure that Xiaopeng Automobile's quality can be infinitely close to Lexus.

In terms of intelligence, Xiaopeng G3 builds an all-round intelligent experience around the four dimensions of AI capability, auto-assisted driving capability, remote management and operating system. Through OTA upgrade service, Xiaopeng G3 endows the vehicle with the ability to evolve iteratively and becomes the "first smart car" for many young extremely intelligent players.

Feilong Jiangli and its parent company are developing new energy products such as electronic pumps, alternating oil pumps, TMM and so on. They have already made matching production for other domestic customers. We hope to have the opportunity to cooperate with Xiaopeng Automobile.

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