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Abby Yuan

Innovate endlessly, change the future black technology of automobile industry

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A compact aircraft capable of electric vertical takeoff and landing. The company that invented the machine said it would provide automatic air bus services in Toulouse, France, and two Asian cities. The aircraft's autopilot system is implemented by multiple radar and camera sensor suite, which can greatly reduce runway requirements because of its vertical take-off and landing.

Intelligent recognition

Ordinary automotive radar system detects the object's orientation and determines the object's distance and state by beam scanning. For the specific shape of the object, it is generally undefined. A system invented by a company can "detect" objects in depth and provide a high-definition image of objects after they are detected. The system has the functions of target recognition depth learning, location and map drawing. It can detect objects beyond sight at intersections and improve the recognition accuracy of existing radar. According to the company that launched the technology, it is expected that the technology will be put into batch testing in 2020-2021.

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