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Honda Civic won't start

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Hello everyone,

recently I wanted to start my old Honda Civic, but when I switched the key to on position, there was no sound of starting engine and indicators were almost dark. Since the car was sitting in my garage for weeks, my conclusion was that my battery is almost dead. So I bought this charger. It seemed like a good idea, there was nothing wrong with the car itself, just battery was in bad shape. I hoped it will charge my battery and then when my car will be sitting in my garage for long periods it will help to keep the battery charge. But after I finished the process of charging, this started happening.

Well my question is obvious: did I just break my car?

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Honestly I read “Honda Civic won’t work” and I thought to myself, lord I’ve never heard this one before. But, I truly have never seen anything quite like this 😅. At least you’re getting some power, however just go buy a new battery that’s probably your best option. Make sure it’s the right CCA (Cold Crank Ampage) thag your car requires, not more, not less. If the problem continues you may have fried something such as your ECU.

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