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Changan SUZUKI set up independent research institute layout intelligent products

Abby Yuan

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On November 13, 2018, the unveiling ceremony of Chang'an Automobile Research Institute, President of Chang'an Automobile Research Institute, was solemnly held at Chang'an Suzuki No. 2 Factory, marking the further improvement of the independent research and development system of Chang'an Automobile and bringing greater impetus to the promotion of "the third innovation and entrepreneurship".

From 1 yuan to buy all the shares of Changan SUZUKI, to integrate the independent R & D system. It can be seen that Chang'an Suzuki has not been negatively affected by Japan's withdrawal. On the contrary, after a short period of integration and adjustment, Chang'an Suzuki will usher in an all-round development stage in China.

In Changan SUZUKI operation, "light assets". Asset-light, also known as the light assets operation mode, refers to the firm firmly grasping its core business. In light asset mode, the enterprise firmly grasped its core value. Light assets operation is a capital strategy driven by value, and it is a new structure of enterprise strategy under the background of network era and knowledge economy era.

Changan SUZUKI's "excellence" advantage

Despite the current domestic market consumption environment, it is difficult to subversion of small cars. But in terms of product quality and user experience, there is no need to doubt the superiority of Changan SUZUKI's "boutique".

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