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Daily 96 Subaru Impreza Outback?

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I purchased a 1996 Subaru Impreza Outback from a family friend about 6 months ago. It's been very reliable and has started everytime. Only problems are struts and squeaky CV axles, which I'm getting replaced very soon, and no A/C (air compressor) and the paint is chipping. I've kept up with oil changes, and the previous owner did a lot of preemptive maintenance. Should I keep the car until I can afford something better, or fix it up and keep it as a daily driver? Thanks!




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Struts cost between $725 and $750 for a set, including installation.

Shocks cost less than struts, typically between $100 and $150 apiece, according to experts.

It typically takes two to three hours to replace shocks and struts, according to highly rated mechanics. (This is already not worth it)


The costs for a double axle joint replacement are, as you might expect, around twice the cost of a single.

Costs can range from $149 to $399 for parts, while parts and labor will range from $235 to $1178 depending on the amount of work involved.


My Input: For a car of this age (1996), you are spending altogether more money per year in maintenance than if you would use that money to buy a newer car with less problems.

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