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Does this car exist?

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I'm kinda Stoopid when it comes to cars so bear with me.

Okay so I need to get a car, a new car, used would be too easy lol. Though I'm sure you car enthusiasts are already typing like Lamborghini or something, I have a budget of 25k. I know that seems limiting, especially since the kinds of cash you guys put into cars is astronomical, but cars aren't my life, I have other hobbies. That being said, I do have quite the tall order for a car and I want to see if something like it exists. I want a car that's good on gas. I drive around a ton, and especially after I have to start making car payments, I'm not going to have a lot of cash to burn on gas, and the environment yadda yadda. If it has to be a hybrid that's cool, but the second thing I'd like is for it to be kinda sporty when I need it to be. Again, I'm not great with cars so I'll give you an example. My brother has an accord sport that has a gear for drive, but then it has another for sport, which operates paddle shifters and has a bit more kick to it. But although that car is good on gas, it's not amazing, so I think you guys can kinda see where I'm going here. I also need something reliable. I'm not great with cars, so I don't want to spend every other week at the mechanic burning cash just to take the thing to church. As a side note, and another means to limit the cars available to me, for some reason my dad is only letting me get German and Japanese cars, o don't know why but he has to sign off on whatever he gets and that's his condition. If the car is roomy that's a big plus, but it's handling g is more important. So essentially, a Japanese or German car that is probably a hybrid, but drops the hybrid bit in sport mode for a bit more kick and maybe has like paddle shifters or some kind of manual option in sport, but it handles well. All for under 25k. Does it exist?

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