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VW GTI or Mini Cooper S (4 door)?

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I am looking to get a new car. I looked at and tested both of these cars, but I am not quite sure which one to pick. Both cars were the top trims. Autobahn for the GTI and iconic for the Mini. The Mini actually turned out to be slightly cheaper even with the additional JCW exhaust added to the cost. I know that the GTI is bigger and more practical and probably faster. However, I just test drove the Mini and it was a lot of fun. I am really interested in the JCW sport exhaust. So I am not sure whether to prioritize the JCW exhaust over the slightly more practical GTI. The rear seating in the Mini is too cramped. It probably wouldn't be used very often but if needed it would be very difficult to fit 3 people in the back. If anyone has any other pointers on which option is best please feel free to add. It seems that the rear passenger room might have to eliminate the Mini which is unfortunate because the car was really good otherwise. I looked at the slightly bigger Mini Countryman, but with similar options its much more expensive and that doesn't even account for the JCW exhaust. If only the JCW exhaust could be added to the GTI.... lol

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