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Car hesitation upon accelaration

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I have a 2012 Mitsushitshi Outlander AWD 2.4L with 150k miles.  In the last year, I have had the CVT transmission rebuilt and cat converter (entire pipe assembly) replaced.  I needed to take the car back three times to transmission people because of issues (transmission belt broke again, and leaking fluid).  After the last time I took it in, I noticed that the car hesitates sometimes when I accelerate, as in there is a delay when I press the gas pedal and when the car actually starts to move.  This normally only happens after a complete stop.  The transmission fluid looks good. I replaced the spark plugs, air filter, changed the oil and cleaned the MAF.  After doing this the car drove good for a day or two, but started to do the same thing as before.  I have also noticed that my gas depletes a lot faster than before, and the car feels slower and sluggish, especially after driving long distances.  Any ideas?  Should I replace the transmission fluid with Genuine Mitsubishi fluid j4? I am sure they just used regular CVT transmission fluid.  Also thought about just replacing the MAF. 

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You can try throttle controller, which is to remove pedal delay, instant car start or acceleration, improve acceleration performance. I have bought one from aliexpress, and works well, this link is this:



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