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Should I purchase a 2014 Accord or 2016/17 Sonata, why?

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Thatdude23    0

Both cars will have similar mileage, and I will be checking the Car Fax to make sure there are no accident reports. I'm new this this process because this will be my first car purchase. Advice from people who have a strong knowledge about cars would be very helpful.

When it comes to car selection I look for aesthetics, reliability, low maintenance costs, and good mpg. Also, is it possible for me to add turbo to these cars?

Someone told me the Accords are way better than Sonatas when it comes to being able to customize. Is that true?

Thanks a thousand.


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Its not bad.I will suggest to buy 2016/17 Sonata its  Sound is is good and its very stylish.

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