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I need help deciding on a car

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So I've been trying to decide on my first car i can toy around with and I'm tore between these three: (links for each car, they all have pictures)


This car I'd have to basically restore. It doesn't run but my cousin said that i can swap engine and transmission the v6 from his 95 mustang that he snapped the frame in half on. Car is rare and therefore meaning parts are rare. 



This car doesn't run but the guy selling says it might be a bad throttle position sensor, which is $50 just for the part. The decals would be removed and I'd be repainting it otherwise I won't be changing much of anything since it has a body kit and new rims and tires.



This car runs and looks to be in perfect condition. I love this car because my favorite car is the toyota soarer and, being stuck in the states, is as close as I'll be able to get. Only real "toying" I'd do on this car is cosmetic. 


Another aspect i have to deal with is that i only have 4.5k to work worth. I work part time at a car wash so hours are sporadic, i can make anywhere from $1000 to only $300 a month. I don't have any bills i have to deal with other than car insurance on my daily driver (perks to living with parents at 20) so i can afford the extra insurance cost. 

Thanks for any replies!

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Simple Follow 10 Steps Follow and Decide a Car

Step 1. Assess Your Needs
Step 2. Set Your Budget
Step 3. Decide If You Want to Lease or Buy
Step 4. Consider Other Cars in the Class
Step 5. Weigh the Costs of Ownership
Step 6. Find Cars Lots for Sale
Step 7. Set Up a Test Drive
Step 8. What to Look For in a Test Drive
Step 9. Pick Your Car
Step 10. Time to Buy or Lease

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