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I need help on picking out a car

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Hey, I have a couple of deals and one is already pending. Does anyone know the insurance cost for a 18 year old being newly licensed on a 1995 Ford Mustang GT 5.0 V8 and a 1989 Saab 900 2dr CV, and which one has better reliability? 

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Hi Darth,

I'm not sure what the reliability is for either car.  I've heard from friends that Ford/Mustangs are not reliable at all and begin needing repairs during early miles.  I haven't done my own research or ever owned a Mustang to verify this, but still considered buying a Mustang knowing that it might only last 100k miles before it has major problems.  I'm unsure about a Saab.

You can find out the insurance cost in about 2 minutes by going to an insurance website and typing in your information.  10+ years ago, it used to take over 30 minutes on a call with giving your social security number to check the insurance prices.  Now, it really only takes 2 minutes on their websites, and you can even remove the insurance features that you're not interested in to lower your potential monthly payment.  I tried to do this for you, but these websites asked for my address and other personal information.  The prices may vary based on your location.  I used Progressive from around 1993 - 2014, and paid about $1,200/year for full-coverage for a 1998 Sunfire.  I used Geico from 2014-2018, and paid about $600/year for limited liability coverage for a 2002 Camaro.  Full-coverage is currently about $900 for my 2002 Camaro through Geico.

The insurance cost would vary for each car based on their values'.  I heard that older cars may sometimes cost more than more recent cars since they're more dangerous on the road, but I'm assuming this is only for full coverage.  I'm assuming minimal coverage would cost about $600/year and full-coverage would cost about $900/year, similar to what Geico quoted me for my Camaro.  You could also call them to find out what discounts they give, such as going to driver's ed or having a college degree.

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