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Looking for a future reliable car

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I'dlike to say this is my first ever post here. I looked somewhat, but haven't learned my way around this site yet. But, I'm driving a very boring, obnoxiously loud, 3.5 inch cart can, 99 chevy prizm I bought for $400. It's a 5 speed, and I think it's the only thing I like. I hate "ricer" cars, but I've got a true ricer. It's a 99 corolla with a weird blue/green paint, mb wheels, some sort of super stiff sport suspension, and it of course has bad piston rings cause its the 1zz non vvti. I need suggestions on a new car once this thing blows up. I've got about 5k right now to spend today, but im consistently putting 200 a way every other week for it. I'm sure this will be months from now, as im driving this car to the ground. I do not want another FWD car. I want a RWD or AWD car. I have a list to decide from, and I'll tell you some of them that catch my eye. I have a huge passion for cars, im already replacing a head gasket on a honda oddessy in my garage, and I've got tools. I have experience, but i need a fun car lol. The list of cars I've been looking at (keep under 10k lets say) is:

Any audi awd

Looking at a lot of bmw's, I have no clue where to start. 

Love me a vw too, even fwd. Had a jetta 2.slow I actually loved, and wouldn't mind a vr6 or reliable 1.8t model. I'd do anything for a r32 haha

I love the idea of a miata, but if i were to do that I'd get a s2k first. 

240sx are too popular imo, they're great cars. But due to that and their popularity, clean daily drivers or even half decent examples are overpriced. Everything is salvage or wrecked in Az.

My dream car one day is a 1990 Nissan r32 GT-R (Which I will buy one day, and replace the oil pump and all that fun stuff before tuning) 

I love a wrx and the evo, but evo is very pricy and wrx all seem beat up or chopped up by someone else.  

I love a 300zx, but rare and not much fun to work on. 

Something for track days and daily driving. Not much track use, but just when i have time. Couple times a year. Yeah ill do a second gear pull every now and then, but by no means plan on doing any illegal street racing or dumb stuff. I'm a young, and still new car enthusiast looking to get his first true project car. Something he can spend years making his own personal, but not having something that everyone else has. I love being different. Arizona is full of boring fwd cars, and i want something fun and reliable, not 50+ mpg. 

P.S. sorry for the long post! Thank you in advance your opinions! Details are great Too:) I wanna know what engine is in what car you suggest, and what route I should go!

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