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HID Headlights

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Hello Everyone, I'm new to this site and want to say hello. I also have a question that I can't seem to find a definite answer to. The question I have concerns the legality of HID headlights in my state of Pennsylvania? I've even called a State Trooper Barracks and they said they didn't know!! They told me to go to PennDot but trying to navigate their website is a lesson in futility. There is a company by the name of XenonPro.com that sells conversion kits for most of the model cars on the road today. Their conversion kits for low beams are 6,000 lumens and come in a few colors, but I'm interested in bright white. I've read on one of the online information sites that had said they were illegal is because of the headlight lenses not being designed for the HID bulbs and which have a tendency to scatter the light and blinding other drivers. Can anyone here give me a definite answer, either yes or no if they are legal in Pennsylvania? Thanks for your help!!

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