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Help me buy a car :D

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Joseph6241    0

Hey man, I hate to be a downer, but there's basically zero chance of this getting funded. Anyone with ten grand laying around to give away is too frugal to do so, and the chances of getting a bunch of people to donate are extremely minimal. I'm 16 as well, so I'm not talking down or anything, but honestly, at 16 you can get a job and start saving. You don't need a $10,000 ride to get to work and back. Buy a beater. It's your first car and I'm going to guess that it won't stay stock for too long, that's just what happens. Take it from someone who has done some stupid shit, the first time is always wrong. If you have a cheap car your wallet will be less sore when you mess it up. It's a bit too ambitious to think that anyone is just going to give you a free car... 

Trust me, dude, I know where you're coming from. A few months back I was drooling all over an '08 Acura TL type s, which probably would've cost me ten grand after all the detailing and freshening was done. I looked at the thing for a solid month before someone else bought it. Now I shop for cars that cost (way) less than half of what you're aiming for. 

Bottom line, if you need to crowdfund to afford something, then you can't afford it and you need to shoot for something more attainable. 

Some cheap cars that will last as long as you can stand to drive them (and fix them...):
Asian imports. Very reliable with average repair costs. (Just be careful because everyone knows these are great, so they're in slightly higher demand)
Older domestic trucks. Easy as heck to work on, dirt cheap, parts for pennies. (These are slightly less popular, depending on where you live, and a decent example can be had for south of 2 grand)
Anything you can get your hands on. It drives. (Probably going to the scrap yard once that head gasket or transmission finally goes out, not worth the cost to repair)

If it comes down to it, carpool until you can pay for what you want yourself. The point of crowdfunding is that the donators actually do get something for their money. When they donate to some kid with an illness, they get the feeling that they've made a huge difference for someone. The car may be a huge difference to you, but that sense of charity isn't worth as much to the people who crowdfund, and so they won't spend...


Hope you don't get a lemon  - Joe

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