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Need some help with picking my first car - thinking about a 1996 Celica

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ftmad    0

Hi guys,

I'm 17 and looking for a very budget car. Would like to learn manual properly, so I prefer manual. So far I'm leaning towards a 1996 1.8i Celica for about 1000 dollars (24800 CZK here in Czech Republic). Any advice? I'm hoping it won't cost too much to run and will be fairly fun to drive. If you guys have any other cheap alternatives I should concider I would love to hear them.


Anthony Jirásek

P.S.: This is the car I was looking at: (yes I know the color is horrible, would probably get it plasty dipped)

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Joseph6241    0

For $1000 it is hard to beat a running car. I don't know what the market is like in your country, but if the Celica checks off all your needs, then it's a good choice. They aren't the most reliable Toyota, but you can probably keep it running if you're willing to occasionally get a bit dirty. 

The thing looks seriously clean for a grand. I'd say go for it if you dig it. 


- Joe

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