VW automatic emergency braking doesn’t work when the car is also equipped with ACC system.

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I recently bought a new car, VW Touran Sport, it is equipped with the Front Assist and the City Emergency Braking for ACC systems.

The point is that the City Emergency Braking (CEB) only works when the speed is 30 km/h or less and the ACC only works over 30 km/h. As the manufacturer has bound the CEB to the ACC (it is supposed that the CEB must work only if the ACC is activated) then is almost impossible that it functions. I experimented that City Emergency Braking only can work driving exactly at 30 km/h no more neither less.

Contacted to the Volkswagen Service about this failure, they have given no solution yet.

I advise to future VW clients be careful about this important subject and be informed accurately before buying a new car equipped with both CEB and ACC advanced driver assistance systems: theCEB will not work.

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