Which one do you think is the better deal

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Killereria    0

Just seeing physical condition and not taking in future maintenance the eclipse is the better deal. Make sure to see both in person and test drive. Double check the mileage. If the Miata has more than 150k it’s not worth the 3k they want. Take a mechanic friend with you and ask about recent mantinence. 

Edit: the eclipse is much better choice. Especially with the timing done at 120k that leaves you with 50k to go before you should check it. Pads, battery, and rotors are easy fixes. Just watch for alternated and wheels/tires because it sat for just over a year. Factor in all those costs and you only add at the most another grand and it’s the better deal still. Check the year on tires if they are over 5 years get prepared to change them. 

Other wise from what I read eclipse is the way to go.

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