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Toyota Camry 2012 Shudder

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BEWARE... If you are considering buying a Toyota, read this first.
    We bought a 2012 Toyota Camry in Nov 2014 from Toyota Ferris in New Philadelphia, OH. In Nov 2017, we started experiencing a shudder around 45-50 mph. We quickly did our research and found that Toyota was aware of the problem( faulty software and torque converter). They offered an extended warranty to the 98,000 vehicles affected by this. Awesome!!!
    We took our Toyota Camry into the closest Toyota dealer, Larry H. Miller of Colorado Springs, CO. They ran a diagnostic on the car, confirming what we already knew, it needed a new torque converter. However, instead of covering it under the extended warranty, they informed us that our vehicle did not qualify because it had not been brought in for the limited service campaign, which had expired 2 months prior.
    We were not aware of this LSC because, being the second owners, we were never sent the notification. Bummer! The problem is, Toyota had our car in their possession after the LSC was issued and prior to us purchasing the car and did not bother flashing the faulty software so that our torque converter would not eventually go out.
    When we contacted Toyota corporate, they told us that there was nothing they could do. They also told us that Toyota Ferris would be getting ahold of us in the next few days. It has been a week, and nobody has contacted us to resolve this issue. That's why I am highly recommending that you not buy a Toyota because they do not stand behind the vehicles they make. Their customer service is terrible if there is truly nothing they can do in this situation.
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