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Hello there,

I just have a simple question. I was driving a 08' Nissan Sunny and i was in mid corner, maybe the road or tires weren't grippy enough and i started oversteering. To be honest, it was my first oversteer experience in real life especially in a FWD car. Thanks to god and racing simulators i counter steered and saved it. But the question here, if i had a little bit more angle would the car flip over? What's the worse that can happen? I'm just asking to be aware next time.

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FWD cars require a different method in correcting over-steer so props to you for correcting based off racing sims. With FWD vehicles lifting off the accelerator mid corner or braking too rapidly mid corner will result in over-steer. There's a huge amount of factors that play into correcting and preventing under/over steer. This website does the best in my opinion on explaining everything. 



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