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I am searching for a new car for my family. Should I buy a new or used vehicle?

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Purchasing a car for family is one of the most important part for daily necessary transportation.

Now as there are option to purchase car from showroom which is call brand new or o mileage car, or a second hand car.

There are 2 different experience on this parts.

1. Brand New Car:

If you have good financial condition and can buy a car with total 100% cash or by bank loan which you can control then you can go for the new one.

You will get total new experience and better performance for you and for the rest of your family.

The mileage of the car will be great and as the car is 0 mileage you have to drive really carefully so that the car get stable with the road.

You will get couple of free servicing from the company and if you face any small issues then the company will support you.


2. Second Hand Car:

Selecting second hand car is not that bad at all.

You can get almost new condition car which can perform like new once if the car were maintain well by first owner.

You will also get good mileage depending on the car condition.

Sometime you will get higher mileage car but don't get confused because mileage does not matter.

If the car engine in good condition then you will get better performance in any mileage of the car.


Now you will not spend your total life with one car only.

So if you based on your financial condition you can select rather you want the new once or the second one.

But remember you can always save money if you buy second hand good cars. ;) 

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Buying a car can be an exciting and thrilling process, especially if it’s your first time to do so.  So which one should choose? It all depends on your financial standing and personal situation. Consider the points below:

Buy a new car if:

  • You want your car in the best condition possible
  • You want to have warranty
  • You have to have the latest automotive technology
  • You prefer better insurance options
  • You’re looking for utmost safety

Buy a second hand car if:

  • You have a limited budget
  • You don’t want to think about depreciation
  • You want more affordable insurance rates
  • You want a low cost-to-resale ratio
  • You have very specific taste

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