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I want to purchase a car that I can use for my business. What are the available options?

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Based on your business you have to select your vehicle.

If you are planing to transport lots of goods then small pick up or trucks under 1000 KG will be best.

If you deliver reanimate food then a sedan or SUV or mini or nano car's will be best for you.

But if you will use the vehicle for you only means you will only use for your own transport to visit places for office purpose then you can go for SUV.

The reason for SUV is it will create a good impact on the status. ;)  

For example over internet there is  a site of SUV ( Subaru Forester For Sale ).



You can select those types of cars as the car price is also lower.

But as there are many SUV, Sedan, Truck, Mini- Truck, Mini-Bus etc are available in both internet and domestic market you can always compare and can chose the best option for you.

Hope this will be more helpful for you.

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