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Anti western cosplayers movement, helping to unify us Asians and preventing more westerners racism and other harm to us Asians

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The anti western cosplayers movement goals are :
1. To be one of the methods to help unifying us Asians.
2. To promote us Asians as a whole and as 1 big family.
3. To teach westerners to not do racism and other harms to us Asians.
4. Etc

When westerners cosplaying our Anime characters, they only end up :
1. Committing racism against us Asians because cosplaying our Anime characters = imitating us Asians due to us Asians making our Anime characters based on us Asians https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8NQZ2OAuZeI , imitating other race is an act of racism just like the "black face" racism.
2. Hurting millions of our Anime fans because western cosplayers look nothing like our Anime characters which in the end also hurt our Anime, you can see one of the evidences of this from the poll result of the anti western cosplayers movement.

If you are Asian and want to participate then you can use bitcoin with the address of - 17bQbUhJJihYXsUUddiGPYqEBNwFwRYygV -, remember that the movement only accept Asians so if you are not an Asian but have use bitcoin at that address then you will not be recognized nor you will get any refund. If you decite to take part on the movement and want to use bitcoin then the minimum number of bitcoin is 0,1 so if the number is lower than that then just don't do it. You can see more about the Anti western cosplayers movement at http://www.antiwesterncosplayers.asia

The movement is legitimate because it has been around for more than 8 years now https://www.youtube.com/user/VeryProudToBeAsian/about , other than that the movement also only accept Asians to participate on using bitcoin which shows the movement are for real because the movement are mean to be from Asians for Asians. As for the funds, only 51% of it will be used to advance the movement such as for buying domain name, buying slots for ads, holding events, etc, 30% of the 51% will be used for charity, as for the other 49% will be used for other things.

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So why are so many anime characters blond haired with blue eyes and very western looking if they are supposedly all Asian? I think you really need to quit looking for something to be offended by as no one is being racist towards you, just dressing up like their favorite characters.

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