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Powder coating a car, better idea?

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I had a talk with one of my friend regarding the coat to be used for my car parts. He was asking to powder coat the entire car instead of painting the parts. My sister's wedding is in the coming month and I want to do it at the earliest.

I think I might try a powder coat on my car. In a search, I could find some advantages of powder coating over conventional paintings. But, as the first try, I doubt whether it would work. My confusions are regarding the finishing and surface smoothness.

Does anyone try it before? And what is your opinion on this Toronto based powder coat painting company?

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Hey, Great Idea. This Powdered coat would be beneficial in many ways economically, safety etc. You can go with this, they will not going to harm your car parts. But there is one problem that the colours of the powdered coat are very difficult to match with metallic. So, Search for this properly if you find it suitable go for it.

Aria Jordan


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