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Shammyj    0

Hey friends! 

I’m not car savvy. So i recently bought a 2002 Chevy Cavalier, with 175,000, for $800. I got a new battery, coolant fan and tires! I haven’t had any problems. I want to drive home for a visit, about 700 miles there, plus coming back, another 700. Do you guys have any advice on what i should do before taking this trip, or if i should even take this car at all?

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NerdWam88    0

Hi Shammyj, 

First of all, you got the car at a good price. Well done! By the way, is this the first time you owned a car or will be having a long drive? As a first time, there are certain rules and safety notes we are going to ponder (coz I myself is a first time to own a car, too!). When we think of traveling and chose to drive our way to a certain place, we first think of our safety - that our car is in good condition, that we have all the necessary tools to ready yourself for a pit stop. 

Here are my safety tips for you: 
- Ensure that your car is in very good condition. Check the tires, engine, breaks, fuel, engine water, and air-condition. And if you want, have an experienced mechanic do this for you. They may have your car do change oil or perform a minor repair to better evaluate that your car is safe.  
- Prepare for pit stop tools such as spare tires (2, preferably), car repair tools, water to avoid the engine to overheat, 4-5 liter of gas (just in case you will run out of gas in the middle of nowhere), so it will be enough for you to drive to a petrol station. 
- Take on a basic car repair class to better prepare for uns
- Do a road test prior to your long travel and run an online audit to check if the used car you purchased had no major incidents before purchasing (I highly recommend, and I like the way they provide the past records of my car, and it's free! Promise...). 

And, don't forget to bring food and water for your consumption along the way. I am pretty sure 700 miles is one long way ahead! Alrighty, enjoy and have a safe trip! 



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