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Car Body - Steel, Plastic or Aluminium?

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So I was wondering, in your opinion, what are the best materials to work with when it comes to car bodies? 

As someone who's really interested in mechanical engineering and metals and such, I would really like to hear your thoughts! Here are mine:

Steel: Probably the most used material when it comes to car manufacturing. However, most car bodies are not made of stainless steel and are therefore suspectible to rust and corrosion. A popular and cheap way to fix this is by galvanizing steel. (For those who need an in-depth explanation, here you go). Bascially, you put on another layer to protect the steel sheet. Steel is so popular because of the variety it comes in. While some claim that it can be heavy and expensive, it depends a lot on which steel grade we're talking about. There are many cheap and light steel grades out there. 

Plastic: Cheap and does not rust. However, plastic has a somewhat bad image because it doesn't seem as hard as other materials. Plus, people just don't think that plastic is high quality. Plastic is very easy to work with however and is used for many exterior car parts nowadays. Also, it's not as soft as people might think: Its hardness should be enough for everyday usage.

Aluminium: Unlike steel, aluminuim does not rust. However, it's much more expensive than steel. Expensive makes like Audi use aluminium for example. 

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