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Hello from Croatia!

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Hi guys and ladies,

I am from Croatia (small state on Balcan). 21 years old. I love cars since I have been kid, playing with car toys. My dad is automechanic, but unfortunate for me, he has no interest in car racing or tuning. He just loves to do best quality work on fixing them and keeping it stock and simple. As for me, I love car racing, still didn't get the chance to sit in one and to actually race, but that is going to change soon in early future. Long story short, I actually started my youtube channel. I will for start do gaming videos (Project cars 1&2, Asseto Corsa). My goal is to start production of real life car stuff and real life amateur racing. If you want just check me out and give me a chance...

Again, long story short. Here is the link of my channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCv8FBLujgk_HzTUnMpcsMMA

See you on the forums and happy foruming! ;)

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